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The West Block

The West Block

Location: Ontario – Greater Ottawa

Market Sector: Government

Delivery Method: Bid and Spec

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The West Block – 2018 – photo by Ron de Vries (used with permission)

The West Block is one in a triad of buildings located on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. Built in the mid-1800s, the West Block is an important part of Canadian history. The building – designed in the Modern Gothic Revival style of architecture – has housed the Postmaster General, Ministry of Public Works, and is currently home to offices for Canada’s Members of Parliament.

We are providing all mechanical construction elements for a significant renovation of this landmark, including new plumbing, an HVAC system, fire protection system, and mechanical insulation. We will also design and install sophisticated building controls to integrate all of the control, monitoring, and operational systems into a single centralized dashboard to provide easy centralized HVAC and energy management.

Careful thought has been given to future-proofing the building’s heating system. The West Block currently uses a high-pressure steam heating system. The new design accommodates the ability to switch to a hot-water heating system, if and when desired.

The project demands careful planning and coordination to ensure all workers on the site obtain the necessary security clearance. Special care is given to public safety in this high-traffic downtown area and popular tourist attraction.

Upon completion of the West Block renovation, Canada’s House of Commons will take up residency in the building as the Centre Block prepares for renovations in 2019.

The West Block is scheduled to be completed May 2017.