Our student and co-op opportunities

Hands-on learning to jumpstart your career.

Modern Niagara is a great place to learn and grow.

At Modern Niagara, you will have an opportunity to experience how mechanical, electrical, building services, and Integrated Building Technology projects happen. Not only will you start to familiarize yourself with our industry, but you will also learn the best way things are done and you will learn it from the best people in our industry.

During your time at Modern Niagara, you will have an opportunity to ask questions, build on your strengths, and gain new valuable skills as you kick-off your career. As a member of the Modern Niagara team, you will also have access to Modern Learning, which is a suite of in-house soft skills training. Courses range in topics from Construction 101 to Time Management.

Interested in kicking off your career alongside the best in the industry?