Modern Niagara Toronto

The speed your project demands.

Whatever your mechanical or electrical project involves, Modern Niagara Toronto can get it done. We work as a seamless extension of your on-site team — and a dedicated business partner at your executive table.

Because time is always of the essence, we bring decades of problem-solving expertise and practical know-how so you don’t have to wait for finished designs to get shovels in the ground. Toronto building owners and managers have relied on us for more than 50 years for everything from service calls to planning and executing major projects. We service what we build throughout its lifecycle to ensure it always performs optimally.

It takes the best and brightest people to innovate and solve challenges. That’s why we hire only the best people in their fields. Our fast and responsive team is ready to deliver the electrical contracting, plumbing and piping services, HVAC installation and maintenance, sheet metal fabrication and Integrated Building Technology solutions you need.