Design-assist and professional services

Expert eyes to validate your mechanical system designs

With so many factors to consider, moving forward with a mechanical system design can feel like a leap of faith. Is your design technically feasible? Are your price projections on the mark? Is your proposed schedule achievable?

Get the assurance you need with Modern Niagara’s design-assist and professional services. Drawing on years of practical experience, our senior contractors will review your design at the early concept stage, giving you the green light and helping problem solve to take the next step with confidence.

Whatever assurance you’re looking for, our experienced team can deliver:

  • Constructability: We’ll double-check your design, anticipate obstacles and help you fill in any blanks to ensure what’s on paper will translate to a problem-free installation.
  • Price stability: Our contractors will go over every component of your design and account for any circumstances that could affect the final price of your build — giving you or your client cost certainty.
  • Schedule achievability: We’ll identify any obstacles that might challenge your ability to meet your target completion date, from labour constraints to product availability and equipment lead times.

A proven source of mechanical system expertise

Modern Niagara has brought deep expertise to design-assist contracts with building owners and general contractors across Canada.