Why Modern Niagara?

The contractor you can count on.

With the unique combination of capacity and agility, Modern Niagara can carry out the biggest, most complex jobs and change course when circumstances demand to keep your project on track. Our experienced teams, made up of the best people in their fields, bring deep expertise, passion and ingenuity to every project.

We handle mechanical, electrical, Integrated Building Controls and building services projects on all scales, large and small. We’re there every step of the way to reach the objectives that you set for your building over the course of its entire life — including, design, construction, operation, maintenance and improvement. We use data and evidence to make decisions that pave the way towards high-performing, sustainable buildings.

Because we know that Canadians spend the vast majority of their time inside those buildings, our team of talented professionals and tradespeople can make any indoor space comfortable and healthy for those who use it. We are committed to providing exceptional occupant experiences.

We also recognize that buildings do not exist in a vacuum. Buildings, streets, and the people that occupy and use them are but a few of the ingredients that make up our cities and communities. We believe that nurturing social equity, enabling economic activity, and reducing our impact on the environment in all that we do – including how we build and maintain our buildings – is integral to playing a positive role in sustaining our communities for us and for future generations.