Emergency and planned maintenance

Keep your assets powered and performing at their peak.

Modern Niagara’s preventative maintenance plans reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, minimizing unexpected shutdowns and associated costs. We ensure your assets run optimally and efficiently, reducing energy costs and emergency service expenses. And with 24-hour emergency service in some regions, any electrical interruptions you experience are brief.

Our preventative maintenance services for 120V to 44.4KV electrical equipment includes:

  • Contact resistance measurements of disconnects, circuit breakers and bolt switches
  • Insulation testing of electrical equipment (switchboards, disconnects, buss ducts, cables)
  • Primary and secondary injection testing of protection devices, including relays and ground fault detection
  • Cleaning of electrical equipment
  • Mechanical maintenance of air break and bolts switches as well as circuit breakers
  • Transformer ratio and oil testing
  • Thermography inspection of electrical equipment
  • Protective device co-ordination
  • Power quality studies