Project Profile: CF Lime Ridge Mall

Commercial retailers of all sizes are playing an important role in Canada. They’re providing essential services and products and have had to constantly adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. At Modern Niagara, we’ve also learned to adapt and respond to new situations. Working with clients, we remain cognizant of the need to be flexible – whether that be through detailed scheduling, effective project management, or efficient solutions. Across our service regions, our teams are showcasing their passion for providing solutions that fit the needs of building owners and operators. Collaborating with building owners, operators, and subcontracting partners is a crucial component of any project. Modern Niagara is proud of the work we do to support our clients, and continually looks forward to expanding relationships and building new ones.

Our team in Southwestern Ontario began work as the prime contractor at Cadillac Fairview’s Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton, ON in January of 2021. By leveraging our strong sense of teamwork and collaboration with our own internal team members and subcontractors, we’ve been able to provide our high-quality, multi-service solutions through electrical, mechanical, and general contracting. This includes the refurbishments of over 30 Air Handling Units and fans – critical components to airflow in any building. Refurbishing these units meant a total overhaul, from coil and damper replacement to a re-fit up of controls and motor and VFD swap. While essential retailers are providing us with essential services, air flow is essential to a healthy and safe environment for those workers – our teams are determined to ensure our work is contributing to that.

Working in an active space is no easy challenge – whether a residential facility, hospital, or commercial centre. Lime Ridge Mall has remained open for essential retailers throughout this project, and our teams are ensuring that these construction activities are not disrupting tenants and building operators. They’re showing professionalism and initiative to make sure this project is minimizing disruptions through detailed scheduling, afterhours work, and effective communication. As of May 2021, this project remains on track to beat the schedule.

On any work site, our Modern Niagara teams personify and utilize our core values every day. They’re what drive our teams to provide our effective and efficient services to building owners and operators. In Southwestern Ontario – our newest service region – our teams have already hit the ground running. Whether a large-scale operation or specialized project, they bring expertise and experience to everything they do. If you’re interested in finding out more, contact our Southwestern Ontario team today!