Modern Niagara’s Mental Health & Well-being Manifesto

We at Modern Niagara recognize our important role in contributing towards mental health awareness. Our efforts to address this issue have also been galvanized by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and all the changes it has forced on our people and our work during these times.

The present circumstances, combined with the ongoing necessity to address both mental health and the stigma that surrounds it, have led Modern Niagara to publish an official Mental Health and Well-being Manifesto.

This manifesto identifies our roles and responsibilities as a company to address this crucial issue and will serve to guide both our vision and our action towards employee mental health for the future.

We hope it will help us build our collective understanding of mental health, combat any internal or external stigmatization of mental illness, support our strong culture of health and safety, and ultimately contribute to the overall wellbeing of our employees.