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Self-Service Portal Features

Our Self-Service Portal is an intuitive management tool that allows our customers to access the information they need about their HVAC systems and service orders, when they need it. Every Modern Niagara HVAC technician as well as customers can use it to track HVAC service records.

We improve our customers’ day-to-day operations and long-term planning by providing them with access to information that is integral to budgeting, life cycle analysis, and long-term capital planning.

With the self-service portal, our customers can:

  • View service request history
  • View detailed asset repair history
  • Forecast asset costs
  • Submit and access service requests
  • View and print quotes, invoices, and work orders

Ask your Modern Niagara HVAC technician if you’d like to learn more about the Self-Service Portal. Or, contact the Modern Niagara Building Services office nearest you.