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Capital Improvement

Whether it’s repairing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment or installing a whole new system, capital improvement investments will be necessary as your mechanical systems age.

Modern Niagara Building Services helps building owners to design, plan, budget, and construct capital improvement projects. This includes:

  • Helping owners take advantage of opportunities to save money and reduce energy consumption
  • Calculating potential energy cost savings and obtain incentive rebates on your behalf
  • Planning an budgeting capital improvement projects over the life cycle of a building

Our services include:

  • Heating: boilers, domestic hot water, radiators
  • Cooling & refrigeration: chillers, cooling towers, DX systems
  • Ventilation: air handling units, packaged rooftops
  • Building automation systems
  • Speciality construction and retrofits
  • Upgrades, repairs, and reconstruction
  • Energy upgrades and retrofits

To work with an experienced, solution-oriented partner to ensure that your building’s mechanical assets are protected over the life of your building, please contact the Modern Niagara Business Services office closest to you.