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Turn-Down Report

When you turn off lights, eliminate unnecessary plug loads, and turn down HVAC systems, you can learn what energy your building consumes when there are no occupants. With that BASELINE information in hand, you can begin to understand usage patterns, load periods, and make adjustments to reduce energy consumption without affecting tenants.

Turn-Down Report

Modern Niagara Building Controls experts are here to help. Whether it’s in preparation for annual Earth Day or any other day that you choose, we will:

  1. Spend a half day with your building operations personnel and systems, understanding how the building operates.
  2. Work with you to develop a plan to turn off whatever you can.
  3. Work with you to determine the best way to measure the energy consumption/savings (e.g. using meters, taking spot measurements, etc.)
  4. Deliver a 1-page report card with our key findings, including recommended next steps for how to improve your building’s turn-down on a consistent – and automated – basis.

Energy Management Services

In addition, we offer a full slate of services to help you better measure, monitor, and manage your building’s energy consumption. These include:

  • Electrical sub-metering systems – sub-metering plans, hardware installation, and data gathering/analysis.
  • Temporary sub-metering services – temporary power monitors and data loggers to gather data within a specific time window.
  • Building energy assessments – understand building operations and identify barriers to achieving a deep building energy turn-down.
  • HVAC and lighting automation – eliminate barriers to deep building energy turn-downs by automating equipment.
  • Building system integration – building automation solutions that provide quantifiable value now, and for decades to come. Learn more »

Please contact us to book a consultation:

In Toronto:
Kevin Spencer: Email or phone: 416-748-3882 x5528

In Ottawa:
Patricia Berniat: Email or phone: 613-591-7505 x4236