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Ontario Mandatory Reporting

Ontario’s Ministry of Energy has proposed an amendment to the Green Energy Act which would require buildings (commercial, industrial, etc.) to report their energy and water performance using Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager. This information would be publically disclosed with the goal of province-wide benchmarking and reporting.

If the amendment is passed, the implementation will proceed in three phases:

  • 2016: buildings over 250,000 sqft
  • 2017: buildings over 100,000 sqft
  • 2018: buildings over 50,000 sqft

Why It’s Good

Benchmarking is the cornerstone of energy management. “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is absolutely true for building owners and property managers. We see this amendment as a great step forward for our industry.

In addition, the amendment will enable Ontario as a province to better represent the details of our energy consumption on a provincially relative and nationally relevant scale.

How We Can Help

Modern Niagara’s Building Controls experts can help building owners & managers in two key ways:

  1. Take care of the new Ontario Mandatory Energy Reporting requirements. We’ll do the work, review the measurements, and as a bonus will propose what could be improved with automation, and can help you to build the business case for that.
  2. Achieve higher Energy Star scores with the use of strategically located sub-meters. We are experts in the design and installation of sub-metering solutions – and we can provide training or can service what we install.

Sub-metering is also valuable for these reasons:

  • Benchmarking for LEED-EB
  • Better understanding energy usage and consumption on a use-by-use basis
  • Supporting tenants in their energy management strategies

Please contact our Building Controls team for more information.