Modern Niagara wins CanBIM’s Digital Supply Chain & Fabrication Award 

Modern Niagara wins CanBIM’s Digital Supply Chain & Fabrication Award 

October 28, 2021 – Modern Niagara was named among the winners for CanBIM’s Digital Supply Chain & Fabrication Award for its work on the Calgary Cancer Centre.  

The company’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team was recognized for developing an effective workflow to produce a COBie deliverable for the Calgary Cancer Centre (CCC). During the project, Modern Niagara was faced with the challenge of producing one of the largest and most complex COBie deliverables in Canada with the collection of over 80,000 data points. Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is an international standard used to capture digital information about a building’s assets. The COBie Standard was implemented as it allows for the continuity of data through construction, turnover, and facility management.  

Modern Niagara worked through the challenges of defining the scope of required assets, where the data would be captured from, and how the data would be formatted into the COBie File. Revit was identified as one of the primary database sources to be used to capture and store required COBie Asset Data. The team also employed CxAlloy, a commissioning capture software that was integrated into the workflow to capture a given asset’s barcode and serial number(s). Furthermore, the Modern Niagara team created a centralized Excel-based asset tracker to compile the data generated in Revit, CxAlloy and Ecodomus, in order to allow the team to monitor the progression and quality of the data being collected. Ecodomus was the final step of the process, as it facilitated both the aggregation of data from multiple data sources and creating the COBie Data File. 

Philip Meadows, National VDC Manager at Modern Niagara, also joined in celebrating the VDC team on their recent accomplishment. 

Modern Niagara’s CCC VDC team’s ability to adapt and pivot made processing Canada’s largest COBie deliverable to date a success,” said Meadows. “It was through their analysis and discovery of the shortcomings of the mandated software and their research into alternative solutions that enabled the Modern Niagara project team to prevail.” 

“They were able to successfully develop and implement a process that brought together the best components of a variety of specialized platforms that reliably produced the required data and kept the team ahead of critical path,” Meadows added. “I have no doubt that the work performed by this team will be enormously useful on current and future projects that require a COBie deliverable, which is becoming more and more common in the industry.”  

CanBIM’s Digital Supply Chain & Fabrication Award is given to a CanBIM Member Company operating within the supply-chain, manufacturing, or trades that demonstrates leadership and innovation through working with and implementing digital technologies and processes to improve productivity.  

Members of Modern Niagara’s VDC team that were involved in this achievement include: Kaela Arts (Co-op VDC Designer), Clinton D’Costa (VDC Project Lead)Jeremy German (Project Coordinator)Dominic Ling (VDC Designer), and Chris Little (VDC Area Manager). 

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