Modern Niagara tackles disruption in construction industry

April 11, 2019, Ottawa — The construction industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada and around the globe. Statistics Canada reports a nine per cent year-over-year increase in non-residential construction. Despite such strong growth, the industry is a laggard in technological and digital innovation. Modern Niagara, Canada’s largest mechanical, electrical, building controls and services company, is determined to change that.

“Business at Modern Niagara has never been better, but we cannot be complacent,” said Modern Niagara CEO Brad McAninch. “Construction leaders by nature are creative problem-solvers. Modern’s goal is to work with other industry leaders to explore how technology and digital innovation can fit in our toolboxes.”

Working with Pivot Factory, Modern Niagara convened senior executives from some of North America’s largest mechanical and electrical contractors for a two-day innovation forum in Toronto. With bestselling author and technology strategist Salim Ismail, participants explored how disruption — innovation or technology that significantly alters how an industry or business operates — forces businesses to harness change and the potential consequences of not handling disruption well.

“Disruption is all around in every sector and construction is no exception,” said Pivot Factory CEO Michael Leadbetter. “Modern Niagara has the right approach to proactively confront and embrace disruption, rather than waiting for it to be thrust upon them.”

Forum participants learned strategies to help them anticipate and recognize disruptive forces, build internal capacity and boost their company’s agility. The collection and use of digital data was a prominent theme in discussions as participants examined how to integrate technology into construction projects and generate meaningful data, which in turn enhances decision-making capabilities. Moreover, participants recognized the value of sharing information throughout an industry that is traditionally guarded.

“The collective expertise and experience of forum participants is impressive,” said McAninch. “I think we will look back on this forum as the catalyst for rapid adoption of system innovation practices in the mechanical and electrical contracting industry.”

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