Modern Niagara provides ongoing support for the Abby Award

Young child in snow gear and skiing equipment holds onto a pair of skis.

Abby Wunsch

The Abby Award is presented to a U10 level ski racer who shows up in the morning with a smile on their face. They try their best and give 110%, do what the coach asks, never complains and cheers on their teammates. It is meant for the athlete who is there because they want to have fun and they truly love the sport of skiing.

Modern Niagara will provide financial support to cover administration costs of the Abby Award over a 10-year period.

We’re proud to support the goal for every ski club across the country to present a U10 athlete with the Abby Award each year. “We’re probably 60 to 70 percent there now,” says David Wunsch, the program’s administrator and father of Abby Wunsch.

Please learn more about the Abby Award, or provide support, at