Modern Niagara contributes to a cleaner energy future through Enbridge Gas’ OptUp Program

September 20th, 2021 – Modern Niagara announced today, its commitment to further support sustainable solutions by encouraging employees to sign up for Enbridge Gas’ OptUp program, where customers can choose to support the transition to clean energy through a small monthly contribution to help offset the increased costs of acquiring carbon-neutral renewable natural gas (RNG) – biogas. Employee participation will be fully reimbursed by Modern Niagara for their first year in the program, helping to green the natural gas fuel distribution system.

The Enbridge Gas OptUp program is a voluntary RNG program, that offers general service customers who buy their gas from the utility the option to pay a fixed charge of $2 per month that will enable Enbridge Gas to purchase and blend RNG as part of its overall gas supply to heat homes and businesses.

In addition to greening the gas supply, renewable natural gas makes productive and economic use of landfill and other organic waste; it uses existing pipeline infrastructure and creates local jobs and new revenue opportunities for municipal governments.

“Modern Niagara is proud to contribute to the Enbridge Gas OptUp program, by incentivizing our employees to participate and reduce their carbon footprint,” said Erin Oliver, Vice President of Health, Safety, and Sustainability, Modern Niagara Group, Inc. “Through this program, industry leaders like Modern Niagara and Enbridge Gas can create sustainable solutions, which work for our households, our communities, our businesses, and our country.”

“Our new voluntary RNG OptUp program gives Enbridge Gas customers an easy and affordable way to help green the natural gas supply,” added Scott Dodd, Director of Business Development, Enbridge Gas. “We commend Modern Niagara for its ongoing commitment to champion solutions for energy efficiency and carbon reduction measures. Thank you for your hard work and contributing to a cleaner energy future in Ontario.”

“In Canada, our natural gas utilities have set an aspirational target to blend 10% RNG into natural gas streams by 2030,” said Andrew Coates, Director, Energy and Solution Pursuits, Modern Niagara Group, Inc. “When Modern Niagara informed our employees about the opportunity to participate in the OptUp program through Enbridge Gas, I didn’t hesitate to sign up.”

“The use of RNG is the perfect opportunity to reduce GHG emissions while transforming our fuel distribution infrastructure, which is significant – programs like this are a great first step,” Andrew affirmed.


Modern Niagara Group, Inc.

Jessica Bertrand, Senior Manager Marketing and Communications


Enbridge Gas Inc.