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Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Location: British Columbia

Market Sector: Healthcare

Delivery Method: Mechanical Construction

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The Vernon Jubilee Hospital (VJH) is in the Okanagan health service area and responsible for providing core medical and surgical specialty services to patients throughout its service area.

From 2009-2011, we were part of the construction team for the hospital’s 231,000 sq.ft. expansion, under a P3 partnership. We provided all HVAC, plumbing, medical gas, sprinkler systems, and control system integration for the new hospital. Highlights of our work include:

  • Low-temperature heat recovery system
  • Electronic filters to kill biological contaminants
  • A water treatment system
  • A propane back-up system

We successfully managed tight scheduling of major deliveries through bulk-ordering and onsite inventory.

The hospital opened in May 2011 after a 2-year build. It was completed on schedule and under budget.