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Trail Road Landfill Gas System Upgrades

Trail Road Landfill Gas System Upgrades

Location: Ontario – Greater Ottawa

Market Sector: Industrial, Municipal

Delivery Method: Bid and Spec

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When the existing gas system equipment reached obsolescence at the Trail Road Landfill site, Modern Niagara provided the upgrade.

The gas system collects landfill gas and routes it for combustion. Explosive landfill gasses must first be purged using nitrogen gas, but this proved difficult with the legacy equipment at Trail Road. We worked with the site owners to develop a new way to purge the system, involving building our own restraining flanges for each collection pipe. This solution allowed us to keep nitrogen flowing through the system while we replaced the pipe and fittings.

Our work included:

  • Demolished the existing gas system
  • Fabricated all new piping and pipe supports
  • Installed all new equipment including the gas flare
  • Supplied and installed new piping and control valves

We completed the work with strict adherence to the TSSA’s landfill gas code.