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Sheraton Centre Toronto

Sheraton Centre Toronto

Location: Ontario – Greater Toronto

Market Sector: Hospitality

Delivery Method: GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price), Mechanical Construction

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The Sheraton Centre Toronto is a four-building hotel complex in downtown Toronto undergoing the renovation of 1,376 guest suites and its heating/cooling plant.

Modern Niagara provided all mechanical services for this project, including refrigeration, controls, plumbing, heating, HVAC, insulation, firestopping, mechanical wiring, and fire protection.

The full extent of our exceptional project management skills came to bear as guest room floors were released on a regular schedule starting just six weeks after reconstruction began. For this project, we installed the largest VRV (variant refrigerant volume) system in Canada to date.

VRVs, already popular in Asia and Europe, provide a number of advantages that Sheraton Centre and its guests enjoy, including:

  • Highly independent climate control on a per-floor and per-suite basis – guests can customize their room’s temperature year-round without dependency on building systems being switched over from heating to cooling.
  • Substantial reduction in space taken up in ceilings and conduits – a single line will now replace four legacy lines (supply and return lines for separate heating and cooling systems).