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Regional Mental Health Care St. Thomas

Regional Mental Health Care St. Thomas

Location: Ontario – Greater Toronto

Market Sector: Healthcare

Delivery Method: P3

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The Forensic Program at Regional Mental Health Care St. Thomas provides services to persons with mental health disorders who have been in conflict with the law.​

We provided mechanical services for the construction of this facility, including plumbing, heating, sheet metal fabrication, and building controls. We also met a tight schedule of just 27 months and fulfilled a number of unique mechanical requirements.

The building includes three discrete treatment areas, each with its own level of security. We built discrete air handling systems for each area, and designed a commissioning plan to match.

The project included two often competing requirements: stringent acoustic specifications (which are typically met by suspending systems) and seismic restraints (which typically require attachment to the building structure). We worked closely with an acoustic consultant to meet these demands.

A number of mechanical innovations helped to fulfill the facility’s anti-ligature requirements. We coordinated with the architects on the design of piping and fixtures; sourced and in some cases designed special plumbing fixtures and other system elements to ensure that they were non-loopable. For example, we designed a unique hands-free faucet for hot and cold water, which was manufactured for the project by Delta.

We were also able to enhance the functionality and efficiency of the mechanical systems through design enhancements. For example, we recommended a unique design for diesel generator stacks that shortened the runs, saved time in the schedule, and which is more aesthetically pleasing than the initial concept.
The project was targeting LEED Silver certification but was granted LEED Gold certification.