Project Highlights:

The Oakville Trafalgar Revitalization Project is an example of an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model with an emphasis on Lean Construction practices. This project involves retrofitting an existing arena built in 1950 while adding on a community centre and constructing a neighbouring fire hall. The project is organized, scheduled, and tracked using commitments developed through a pull planning process, as opposed to the previous industry of scheduling through push planning.

Introducing pull planning from the initial design concepts with the project support staff helps begin the process of continuous improvement from day one. The project is utilizing vPlanner, a management and tracking system which allows for a visual representation of all given tasks, helping to increase collaboration and performance. Using the IPD as the contractual format not only allows but incentivizes the optimization of the whole – client included – instead of the individual parts or players.

The project had a unique requirement of utilizing the original wood Roof Truss/Structure to maintain the heritage provision of the facility in order. This component exposed some challenges in the feasibility of the project:

  • Roof trusses had to be removed temporarily for reinforcement purposes
  • All new M&E hanging systems to support HVAC components had to be “hidden” to maintain heritage aesthetics
  • Specialty dehumidification equipment to create appropriate conditions to ensure the wood structure did not fail after being “stressed” during construction
  • Construction adapted to the roof assembly, where some areas of the building were reduced in size to accommodate dimensional inconsistency

Modern Niagara acted as the Mechanical Trade partner within the IPD Agreement as well as the MEP “Team Lead” to drive key initiatives to ensure the project followed the guidelines of the project structure. Mechanical scope included Plumbing, Heating, HVAC, Controls, Mechanical TAB, Mechanical Insulation, and Refrigeration.