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Kanata Research Park Energy Retrofit

Kanata Research Park Energy Retrofit

Location: Ontario – Greater Ottawa

Market Sector: Commercial Office

The KRP business park is Ottawa’s largest, featuring 26 commercial properties in the heart of “Silicon Valley North” – Ottawa’s high-tech business zone. When one of its key commercial properties needed to update its rooftop air handling units (RTUs), Modern Niagara proposed a win-win cost-saving solution.

Our initial requirement was the retrofit of six RTUs on one property, known as the Mitel building. We proposed an energy solution strategy for KRP that included two options:

  1. Retrofit with standard RTUs: this would result in the typical energy savings and incentives that come with equipment upgrades
  2. Retrofit with high-efficiency RTUs with greater modulation capability: the larger capital cost would be offset by greater energy savings and incentives

The advantages of the high-efficiency option prompted KRP to expand the project to the entire Mitel campus, including three office buildings, 19 RTUs and updated Distech RTU controllers.

The estimated annual savings in electricity consumption for KRP is $120,000. In addition, KRP received saveONenergy incentives through the IESO for an amount of $225,500 to apply towards the cost of their upgrade.