Project Highlights:

Jasper Park Lodge is a year-round luxury mountain resort situated on 700 acres within a UNESCO World Heritage site. Built in 1922, the lodge draws visitors from around the world. The Modern Niagara team was proud to support the long-term revitalization of the historic property with construction management and design assist services as well as a range of HVAC and plumbing services.

We ensured accurate forecasting of all costs related to replacement of buried and underground tunnel lines for water and steam heating while minimizing disruption to the site’s guests and services. Specifically, our team:

  • Provided plumbing, steam fitting, HVAC and commissioning services, and supervised electrical, landscaping and civil construction
  • Installed a new raw water intake and pump house at Lake Beauvert
  • Implemented a new water softening system for the entire resort
  • Deployed new district steam-heating vaults for water to the lodge’s cabins