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Canadian Pharmacists Association Energy Cost Savings

Canadian Pharmacists Association Energy Cost Savings

Location: Ontario – Greater Ottawa

Market Sector: Commercial Office

Delivery Method: Bid and Spec

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The Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) supports pharmacists throughout the country through lobbying, information, and professional development programs. When its 30-year-old office building required an upgrade, Modern Niagara provided mechanical services, then building automation controls, to improve comfort levels and reduce energy costs for the CPhA.

We first replaced an ageing rooftop heating unit with a gas-fired system which improved the building’s energy efficiency. By adding automated controls, we further increased energy savings by using gas heating to offload electric baseboard heaters. This was a more efficient method than simply using the rooftop unit to temper the air entering the building.

In addition, Modern Niagara provided CPhA with a fully integrated building automation system in which all separate sub-systems share data among one another. This data is used to continuously reduce energy consumption. Our work included:

  • Converted all pneumatic controls in the building to DDC
  • Installed relays in the lighting system so that lighting could be controlled by the building automation system (BAS)
  • Installed and strategically placed tri-mode motion sensors throughout the building
  • Upgraded the access card system and integrated it into the BAS

CPhA has experienced greater energy cost savings than anticipated. Not only have the building’s energy costs reduced during winter months by 21% thanks to the new gas system; but they have also reduced energy costs by 41% in the Summer months.