Project Highlights:

The Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) is a world-class hub for Arctic science and technology innovation. Modern Niagara installed numerous building controls systems while managing the challenges of working in a remote region with harsh environmental conditions.

The research station includes advanced laboratories, a technology development centre, and a knowledge sharing centre. Our team developed a sophisticated, easy-to-use interface that integrates mechanical system controls and laboratory equipment controls, and another for monitoring energy use in real time — all to make the facility’s systems easier for occupants to use.

A secure remote system, which Modern Niagara helped design, allows building staff to access the building control systems over the Internet from any location in Canada. Over the course of the project, our team also:

  • Delivered a system that controls the mechanical operations for all tenant and mechanical spaces
  • Set the location of sensors and end-user devices (control units, displays, touch panels)
  • Integrated systems with 19 third-party electrical panel meters, nine fume hood controls, 37 variable frequency drives (VFDs) and two fuel oil monitoring systems