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Anderson Garage Upgrades

Anderson Garage Upgrades

Location: Alberta

Market Sector: Municipal

Delivery Method: Bid and Spec

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As part of the City’s improvements to the existing LRT infrastructure in Calgary, the Anderson Station Garage upgrades will provide both an upgrade to the existing bus maintenance facility as well as lengthen the transit maintenance platforms to accommodate for the LRT’s longer and upgraded trains.

Modern Niagara’s work consisted of new compressed air and fire protection systems in the existing bus bay area; a new washing fluid and vacuum system in the rail car service bays; as well as a newly upgraded service area including a welding shop, dedicated exhaust, and a new office and administrative area.

Calgary’s Transit Authority required all trades to adhere to a very strict completion date to ensure the station would be ready in time for the launch of the newly upgraded trains. This required careful planning of long-lead equipment as well as coordination with finishing trades to ensure turnover dates could be met. Through both careful planning and sourcing readily available equipment, we were able to complete this project in time for the launch of the newly upgraded train system.