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250 Albert Street – Proactive Service & Energy Savings

250 Albert Street – Proactive Service & Energy Savings

Location: Ontario – Greater Ottawa

Market Sector: Commercial Office

Delivery Method: Bid and Spec

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To the naked eye, 250 Albert Street in Ottawa appears to be a typical urban office high-rise. But this building holds a secret: $40,000 per year in savings thanks to the combination of Modern Niagara’s HVAC Services and Building Controls capabilities.

Modern’s Building Controls team upgraded the building automation system (BAS) at 250 Albert, replacing a legacy building automation system (BAS) with an advanced Distech Controls system. The new BAS includes valuable capabilities, including the ability to tap into hydro meters and use the Periscope software to analyze the data from those meters.

Now a standard offering by Modern’s HVAC Services, we performed an energy analysis and noticed an anomaly in the building’s hydro usage. In the winter months only, and only once a day each weekday morning, the hydro meters regularly spiked over 1,500kW per hour – up from the building’s regular operating baseline of <1,000kW. And that regular peak meant that 250 Albert was classified as a C4 building in Hydro Ottawa’s billing structure.

By eliminating those peaks through intelligent, automated energy management, we were able to have the building reclassified to C3, which saves the owner $40,000 per year in hydro fees alone. Our solution was not only fiscally effective, but just as important, our solution has maintained tenant comfort.