National Engineering Month: Interview with John Paul Kim P.Eng

Over the years, engineers have made considerable strides to advance our lives. As National Engineering Month progresses, we continue to connect with some of our talented engineers here at Modern Niagara. In our latest interview, we spoke with Lead Mechanical Design Engineer, John Paul Kim, P.Eng to hear his insights about his career development and the future of engineering.  

Tell us about your career path and how you got to where you are now.

I was a co-op student at an engineering consulting firm, where I was first exposed to real-world building systems and construction. I quickly took interest in the industry’s fast pace and its use of practical and theoretical knowledge. I spent the better part of my career as a consultant engineer before joining Modern Niagara to further my exposure in the construction industry. 

What is a typical day at work for you? 

My typical day includes extensive collaboration with our partners in design-build construction, providing engineering support for our construction divisions of Modern Niagara, and team building to strengthen our engineering team as well as strengthening Modern Niagara’s growing services and expertise. 

What has been the highlight of your career at Modern Niagara?  

I’m very proud of my involvement in a decades old multi-use building located at 945 Princess Street in Kingston, Ontario transforming it into a high performing building that supports industrial, commercial, and laboratory activities. I joined an amazing group of engineers, construction managers, and tradespeople with shared knowledge and effort in tackling all of the nuisance challenges of electrifying the HVAC system and modernizing system controls and distribution infrastructure. 

Do you have any advice for people looking to begin a career in construction? 

My advice – continuously strengthen your foundation and take ownership of your work. Facing challenges comes with the job, and having a sturdy base to stand on will help weather any storm that you may face. 

Why would you recommend working in engineering? 

Engineering is a great place to take the theoretical to practical. As engineers, we’re accustomed to analyzing data that are based on conceptual design, and transforming it to practical solutions that are constructible and in line with our commitment to build a greener Canada. 

Where do u see the future of engineering headed in the future? 

Our understanding of building functions and acceptable parameters is continuously changing with new technology and policies. The future of engineering will see the growing utilization of newer technologies and construction methodologies to advance our understanding of building performance.