From 3D Model to Machine: Modern Niagara Finds Innovative Ways to Manufacture Building System Parts

At Modern Niagara, our teams are constantly looking for innovative ways to transform our processes towards higher efficiency, motivated by a need and desire to have a positive impact on Canada’s infrastructure and our communities. For the Virtual Design & Construction department, this means leveraging opportunities that make the engineered concepts fabricable and installable in the most realistic, accurate, and efficient manner possible.

Recently, our manufacturing and VDC teams in Toronto succeeded at identifying and applying one such opportunity. They were able to successfully transfer a complex pipe spool directly from a 3D model to the CNC pipe profiler — a first for Modern Niagara.

By instantly transmitting 3D models to the pipe profiler, this new technology eliminates the need for manually drawn spools and manual machine programming. As a result, plasma cutting can start in seconds. That ultra-high efficiency could save more than 6,000 person-hours a year, allowing our teams to spend less time on configuring and more time on higher value tasks.

The first spools were part of a proof-of-concept pilot. Now that this advanced technology and process has been proven, we are prepared to utilize this technology and process on current infrastructure projects. We are also actively working to expand the 3D model to machine technology and process to manufacturing other mechanical system parts, including ductwork.


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