COVID-19 – Our Commitment to You

We’re here to help

We are open for business during this unprecedented time and our teams are committed to providing our clients and partners with the excellent service they’ve come to rely on from Modern Niagara. Through the integration of our enhanced safety measures, we have developed exceptional safe work protocols so our teams can continue to work on active construction sites and service occupied and unoccupied buildings.

Our award-winning safety culture has a record that’s well above industry standards. We are carefully following public health guidelines, and in many cases going beyond those guidelines. Here’s what we’re doing for our employees, partners, and clients.

Safety Measures for our Employees: 

We have put several measures in place for the safety of our employees, including:

  • Establishing the COVID-19 Risk Management Team, a dedicated group of individuals that are committed to keeping the Modern Niagara community informed using updates from credible Canadian and international public health sources
  • Creating sanitation kits that have been shipped out to every job site to ensure each region has enough sanitary materials and equipment to regularly and effectively clean sites and facilities
  • Enhancing our infection prevention, control, and management plan
  • Updating the morning roll call to assure our clients of the health of our workforce
  • Staggering start times and break times on job sites
  • Working with clients to develop innovative strategies for physical distancing in common areas
  • Encouraging employees and managers to collaboratively develop office re-integration plans and remote work arrangements that meet regional public health policies
  • Encouraging employees to diligently follow public health guidelines, including a volume of information and tip sheets on everything from mental health to cloth mask care

Safety Measures for our Partners and Clients:

We have also worked closely with our clients to ensure we are adhering to the highest safety standards to continue to build Canada’s infrastructure, including:

  • Creating special COVID-19 awareness training programs focused on hygiene and personal protective equipment practices to help with social distancing
  • Developing safe work practice strategies for all service activity – including creating safety plans for our workers to enter job sites safely
  • Sharing our resources with our partners and clients to ensure the health and well-being of our workforces