Celebrating Skilled Tradespeople on National Construction Day – Darian Bodnar

November 3rd marks National Construction Day in Canada, a time to recognize the passionate and driven people in our industry who build and maintain the infrastructure in communities across the country. In Canada, over 1.4 million people are employed in the construction industry – individuals who contribute to the building infrastructure that improves our cities and our communities.  

Darian Bodnar is a Red Seal Plumber and Gasfitter working with Modern Niagara in Alberta – just one of our many talented tradespeople whose dedication and tradecraft help make Modern Niagara the company that it is today. Darian shared with us his journey into the trades, his work in the industry, and the characteristics he believes are the most important to being a successful tradesperson. 

Darian first considered joining the trades after moving to Calgary. 

“When I was 25, doing some odd jobs, I decided to move to Calgary and work at a warehouse,” said Darian. “Everyone at the warehouse was talking about the trades, so I started thinking about it more seriously.” 

Darian discovered his interest in plumbing as he began to do more research into the industry. 

“When I started looking into the trades, I came to think that people take plumbing for granted,” Darian added. “I started to get interested in see how plumbing worked and that’s kind of why I got into it.” 

While continuing to work at the warehouse, Darian took pre-employment plumbing and was eventually hired as an apprentice by a plumbing company in Calgary. Darian worked at the company for around four years, then moved to another business where he would continue building his plumbing expertise for another eight years. Eventually, Darian contacted Jason Crosbie, Director of Labour, and joined Modern Niagara shortly after.  

“I talked to Jason Crosbie, and I really liked the idea and focus of Modern Niagara, especially the culture of the company.” 

As of this December, Darian will have been with Modern Niagara for two years. Darian highlighted the company’s culture and leadership as two key aspects of why he enjoys working at Modern Niagara. 

“Everything’s been really positive, the culture is great, and management is helpful and super supportive!” Darian mentioned. “I find it really helpful that we consistently get communications from the leadership team about COVID-19 and it’s really helpful having Jason send out information about jobs coming up.” 

In addition to the company’s culture, Darian also enjoys the opportunity of working on the larger projects at Modern Niagara where he is able to expand and fine-tune his plumbing skills. 

Darian Bodnar

Darian Bodnar

“Working with Modern Niagara, I love that I can perfect my craft and know that my work will last throughout the build.” 

Since joining Modern Niagara, Darian has been involved with some of our largest projects in Calgary, including the Calgary Cancer Centre and the project he is currently supporting, Place 10. 

“I started at the Cancer Centre when I first joined Modern Niagara and was there for about a year or so, and now I’m working at Place 10, a residential high rise in downtown Calgary,” Darian added. “The main thing that I’ve been working on is the cast iron drainage, working up and down the tower, and now I’m in the parkade working on the plumbing and plastic drainage. I’ve worked on everything from two-inch all the way up to the 12-inch cast iron mains.” 

Among all the responsibilities of his work, Darian especially enjoys working on cast iron drainage solutions. 

“The thing I enjoy the most in plumbing is cast iron drainage,” Darian said. “Anything to do with drainage is really my specialty.” 

In addition, Darian noted that technical skills are not the only important aspect of being a successful plumber or tradesperson in general. Much of what makes our field teams so effective is that they are driven by the same Core Values that are at the centre of our corporate culture. 

“I think that it takes a lot of determination and initiative to be a plumber, and I also think that you have to like what you do and be happy about getting up in the morning to do your job,” Darian added. “You have to have passion for the trade, you can’t teach somebody to be passionate about the trade and the work that you do, and you also can’t teach initiative.” 

Similarly, for those who are thinking of joining the trades, Darian maintained that hard work, focus, and not being afraid to ask for guidance are some of the best ways to advance your career in this industry. 

“Just don’t cut any corners,” Darian affirmed. “Make sure that if you’re doing a new construction or new task, try to do it right the first time and don’t be afraid to ask questions if there’s something you don’t know.” 

Modern Niagara is looking for passionate, determined individuals who are interested in joining our teams of talented tradespeople. Click here to browse our current opportunities and see how you can join Darian and our other talented tradespeople in building our communities across the country.