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Core Values

At Modern Niagara Group, we value teamwork, initiative, determination, professionalism, and passion.


icon-teamworkHuddle up!

The successful execution of a plan can be distilled down to three elements: identification of the desired result, defining responsibilities for every team member, and constant support for one another. To perform at the level required, every member of our team must understand where he or she fits in, and to consistently perform their work to the highest standards. This begins with being engaged in daily huddles, knowing that you can depend on those around you for assistance and they know they can depend on you.


icon-initiativeThe secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Take on the challenges of the day, whether new or old, with energy and enthusiasm. Break down overwhelming tasks into small manageable ones and then move forward. Along the way, look for a better, faster, and cheaper way of accomplishing your goals. The most difficult thing about getting started is overcoming the comfort of standing still, which will always be easier but never rewarding. Be creative!



icon-determinationEventually, everyone regrets having given up.

No matter how much initiative you have, there are times when the first attempt, or even the 10th, will be lacking in some way. Rethinking, retooling, and revisiting failed attempts is an ongoing cycle, while it may seem perpetual it is not; there is always a solution. Remember that everyone gets knocked down – what separates the few from the many is the drive to get up, every time.


icon-professionalismTake care of others and they will take care of you.

We service our clients and perform our work to the highest standards in our industry.  In our actions we hold ourselves and each other accountable to these standards; we will not compromise on this and we will never cut corners.  We present ourselves in a respectful manner, and do not take action that is intimidating or belittling in any way; this should not be mistaken for weakness.


icon-passionStand up and be counted.

Both personally and professionally, we stand up for what is right. This means that we know and honour the commitments that we make to our clients. We don’t tolerate underperformance in ourselves or in other members of our team. Without exception, we hold each other accountable, never turn our backs when something is wrong, and we are conscious that the difference between right and wrong is usually obvious. In situations where an individual needs our help we readily provide it. We never stare at our feet in the face adversity.

If you’d like to learn more about these values in action, we invite you to view some of our past projects or to contact the local Modern Niagara office closest to you.