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Every year, Modern Niagara Group allocates a percentage of annual profits from its mechanical contracting business to charitable donations, and employees in all parts of Canada take part in the selection of charities.

Giving back is part of the Modern Niagara culture, and it is as satisfying to us as completing one of our world-class projects.

National Capacity, Local Personality

We are local, national, and global citizens. For this reason, Modern Niagara Group, its employees, and each office gives back to our communities.

Please take time to learn more about these causes and foundations that we support or have supported – and please consider what you can do as well.



Local initiatives include employee-led fundraiser campaigns and events, as well as partnering with location organizations to provide needed support to neighbours in need.

Western Canada:


Investing in Youth & Education

We are vested in the trades. The trades offer exceptional career choices that keep Canada’s economy alive, and we invest in educating youth. As an example, we donated $100,000 in 2013 to help with the construction of the Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence. This Ottawa-based facility will provide training for 600 construction professionals as well as space for thousands more studying in related programs.

We also recognize that education can make a significant difference in the lives of youth in other countries. The Makeka Khatoon Academy in Bangladesh, for example, was first established in 2006 with eight students. Modern Niagara directly invested in the school’s construction and operation, and it now has an enrollment of nearly 400 students. We have also supported the Tabitha Foundation Canada’s work to rebuild schools in Cambodia.