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Health Hackathon for CHEO

Teamwork at Modern Niagara.


  • Tore apart home appliances as a child, trying to find out how they worked and then rebuilt them
  • Are excited to team up with passionate professionals to work towards shared goals
  • Crave meaningful challenges that help you grow personally and professionally
  • Want to be part of something bigger than yourself


  • Find creative solutions to build incredible structures and enrich our customers’ lives
  • Build amazing teams that empower success
  • Invest in our people by providing them with training, tools and mentorship to perform their best
  • Know we are stronger together

Getting Started in the Trades

Skilled tradespeople are an important part of our workforce, and all construction jobs at Modern Niagara require apprenticeship and certification. To learn how to begin an apprenticeship program, we suggest visiting this Government of Canada website.